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Easy setup. Self-hostable. Just works.
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Powerful Benefits
Great for Sharing. Great looking previews on all social networks and messaging apps.
Social benefit
How to show your pug the love he deserves
SEO-Friendly. Proper Meta Tags and high performance, accumulating trust signals to your own domain.
Conversion benefit
Great for Conversions
Set up any tool for analytics, lead generation, monetization you desire
Works like an App
Your website can be added to home screen and works offline for your readers' convenience.
Conversion benefit
Zero Maintenance. No database to backup, no security issues to fix, no performance upgrades, it just works.
Custom Domain. Start with a free subdomain, and upgrade to use your own any time.
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Open-source and self-hostable.
Use our high-performance infrastructure to power your website or host yourself — all data is on your Nostr relays.
open source initiative approved license ®
Beautiful Themes. Choose from hundreds of open source Ghost themes that are easy to customize to your needs.
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Natively Social. Your website is part of a global open social network with powerful tools like chats, direct messages, digital payments and more...
Use with many popular apps
Your content is automatically compatible with hundreds of apps and their audiences.
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Questions & Answers
How does it work?
Websites are Nostr events, the themes are open-source Ghost themes published on relays and Blossom servers. does not host your data, it only hosts the code to convert Nostr events to web pages. The proposed NIP-512 is here.

Can I self-host?
Yes, absolutely! The easiest way to do that is using the free Github Pages hosting, read more here. A more advanced solution would be to run a docker container that does server-side rendering for your site to improve SEO and link sharing experience, it's coming soon.

How do I publish my site?
You can use any Nostr client to publish, just make sure your post matches the filter you've set up for your site (kind and hashtags). For long-form posts you can use Habla or Highlighter or Yakihonne, for micro-blog - Damus, Amethyst, Primal or almost any other Nostr app.

Is it censorship resistant?
The website engine follows the outbox model, which means that if some relay blocks your events and you change your relay list, your website will fetch events from your new relays. We are making sure that your Nostr site is as robust as your Nostr profile.

Is website free?
We will host your website for free on address. If you want to attach a custom domain and get other benefits, you can switch to a Pro plan. You can also self-host a Nostr site — all the data is on relays, the engine is open-source, and there is no "migration" — it just works, anywhere.

Good for starters
0 sats
Choose a Theme
Beautiful themes. Compatible with open-source Ghost themes to make your content stand out.
Subdomain. Get domain — a short address you can share with your audience.
Performance. Your site is served by a global CDN with low latency and 99.9% uptime.
Meta tags & SEO. Up to 1000 latest posts rendered by our server to improve SEO and link sharing experience.
Self-hostable. Download a zip-archive and publish the code of your site to Github Pages or your own server.
Interoperable. Built around the new NIP-512 proposal, so that you could switch to a better engine at any time.
Best for active creators
9000 sats /mo
All you get on Free plus:
Custom Domain. Switch to your own domain and keep using our scalable infrastructure to host your site.
Higher capacity. Up to 10000 latest posts rendered by our server for longer-term SEO benefits.
Support & customizations. Reach out to discuss any custom theme, plugin or integration that you need for your site.
Fund the ecosystem. Big part of your payments go directly to developers of themes and plugins you're using.
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